Hello Welcome to my homepage. I have been in Sweden some time and I look for a job. The good thing with me is that I am very flexible. I have worked since I finished school and I am what people say a handy guy, the one who fix things.

I live in Stockholm and working long hours or short. At night or during early morning is not a problem at all. I have driving license. B1. I also drive Bull forklift. I know fast mechanic, like changing oils, filter, breaks, tyres. I love vehicles.

I worked in factory, mechanical workshop, mechanic industri for two years.

…the brilliant thing for you is that I work as a freelance:

I work for you the suitable time. I charge you directly through CoolCompany.com and I get my salary and you are sure all papers are in order. In this way you can use me as a worker and don’t have to hassle with any papers. I also belong to a Team Kuliosa Kuriosa and work there as Freelance. For more info; www.kuliosakuriosa.org

Try me out for a free hour and after you decide.

My personal presentation for the Mechanical Industry;

My name is Pol Vergés and I am a Spanish guy living in Stockholm since september. I would like to live in Sweden and find work as industrial mechanic since it is what I like to work with and since I come from Spain for that purpose. I have been working since Im 16 years old with different kinds of physical work like doing industrial constructions, preventive repairs, changing shaft seals, changing bearings, repairing reducers, welding stainless steel, etc.